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Your Product Management companion, Proddr leverages the power of Artificial Intelligence to transform your planning process. With it, fleshing out ideas, refining task descriptions, and anticipating stakeholder questions becomes effortless. Proddr enables a seamless creation of user stories and acceptance criteria, automating and enriching every detail.

Dive into a new era of product management where efficiency meets foresight. Welcome to the future, powered by Proddr.

Designed by Product Owners, for Product Owners

AI-Powered Idea Generation

Proddr leverages Natural Language Processing (NLP) to generate questions that help product owners expand their ideas. It provides a new level of depth to the ideation process, bringing up perspectives and considerations you may have otherwise overlooked.

Role-Specific Question Generation

Through AI, Proddr generates preemptive questions from specific roles such as the CEO, Developer, and End User. This feature enables the anticipation of key inquiries from various stakeholders, ensuring comprehensive product planning and strategy.

Streamlined Task Descriptions

With Proddr, you get prompt-based question and answer sessions that result in full-bodied, detailed task descriptions. By guiding your thought process, it ensures you create high-quality descriptions while addressing potential blind spots.

Automated User Stories and Acceptance Criteria

Proddr simplifies the task of writing user stories and acceptance criteria. It uses AI to automate the creation process, ensuring you get comprehensive, high-quality user stories and acceptance criteria every time, reducing workload and improving efficiency.

Time and Effort Efficiency

Product Owners and Managers often have tight schedules. Proddr is built to optimize your time. By automating the writing of user stories and acceptance criteria, it not only cuts down on time spent but also ensures high-quality, detailed outputs.

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